MobileVideoDIY curates the latest tools, apps and gear for 1.6B mobile videographers who are recording history everyday.


Under the LEARN section, you'll find a set of lesson types. MobileVideoDIY has curated the best lessons on using mobile devices to create videos from recording and editing video, to doing a live broadcast. There are lessons from experts on how to best cover news stories.

Once you've chosen a lesson type to look into, you can find the lessons that work best for you through the use of filters. If you're just getting started with mobile video and want the basics, choose the Fast Track difficulty. If you want more advanced lessons, choose the Deep Dive difficulty. You can also filter by device platform (mobile operating system) or types of lessons you're seeking (apps, tutorials, more resources, filmmaking and documentary).


MobileVideoDIY has also chosen the best GEAR that you can purchase to augment your mobile device to get the highest-quality video. You'll find tripods, microphones, and even some extreme additions such as quadcopter drones.

Central to the gear selection is our set of Expert Advice, carefully chosen lists of gear brought to you by journalists who've picked the best equipment they've used in their own shots.

Social Media

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Creating a shortcut on your home screen

To create a shortcut to the MobileVideoDIY Mobile Website on your iOS or Android device, follow the directions below:

How to add the MobileVideoDIY Website to your Apple iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: Open your Safari browser by tapping on the Safari icon, located on your iPhone Home Screen.

Step 2: Your Safari browser window should now be displayed on your iPhone. In the Safari browser, navigate to the MobileVideoDIY.com. At the bottom of the screen you'll see an icon depicting an arrow at the top of a square. Tap this button.

Step 3: The “Add to Home Screen" should now be displayed. This text is editable and can be changed to whatever name you desire. Type in; “MobileVideoDIY". (This is important as this is the title which will be displayed on your iPhone's Home Screen.)

Step 4: Once you are done, select the “Add" button. You should now be taken back to the main Safari browser window. Click on your iPhone's “Home" button to return to the Home Screen. Your new icon should now be displayed.

For more information on how to add shortcuts and applications to your Smartphone, please refer to the Smartphone manufacturer documentation.

How to Add the MobileVideoDIY Website to Your Android Device:

Step 1: Open your phone's web browser by tapping on the web browser icon, located on your phone's Home Screen.

Step 2: In your web browser, navigate to the MobileVideoDIY.com homepage and tap the tools icon on the Android menu bar typically located at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3: A menu toolset should now be displayed over the browser window. Select “More" and “Add to Home" option.

Step 4: The MobileVideoDIY website icon will now be displayed on your home screen.

For more information on how to add shortcuts and applications to your Smartphone, please refer to the Smartphone manufacturer documentation.

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