Phone Gear Review: GORA Lavalier Mic

By Gora $19.99

iphoneographers gives a great review to this low priced lavalier mic.

What They Like:

"1. Easy to use - works with most (if not all) audio/video apps on an iPhone.
2. The built-in cable is a good practical length at 59" or 1.5m. It works well for small one-man-band type video shoots especially, or a variety of audio setups.
3. Surprisingly good sound quality for such an affordable mic (currently under $20 on Amazon).
4. Price - again, this is a very inexpensive mic but the build quality and sound quality are both very solid. Great bang for the buck.

What They Don't Like: (minor stuff)

1. The windscreen is slightly bulky - yes, you want it to knock the wind down, but it can be unsightly on a shirt or collar. However, one thing we didn't mention in the video is the windscreen CAN be removed.
2. Analog connection - the mic connects into the headphone jack, so that means you can't monitor what you're recording like you can with some other mics that use the Lightning port.

Overall a very solid wired lav mic for a really great price."