Bare Bones Basics of Mobile Video

8-Part Series by Ian Arnold and Adam Harris

For their Fall 2014 capstone project, Mizzou Journalism students Ian Arnold and Adam Harris created a series of videos about shooting, editing and uploading video shot on an iOS mobile device. Assistant Professor Steve Rice served as their advisor.

Their goal was to outline basic media techniques in a simplified manner.

Part 1 Bare Bone Basics-horizontal shooting, how to zoom, the rule of thirds, using the grid

Part 2 Shooting with Natural Light-how to shoot in low light

Part 3 Mobile Kit Part 1: Lenses and Mounts- a range of choices

Part 4 Mobile Kit Part 2: Audio Attachments-several options to improve your audio quality

Part 5 Exploring iMovie App-overview of how to edit and add on screen graphics, music, and transitions

Part 6 Shooting and Editing with iPad-using iOgrapher to stabilize your shooting and add lighting and mics, basic editing

Part 7 Third Party Apps-profiles of Pinnacle (video editing) and TwistedWave (audio editing)

Part 8 Mobile Uploading-opening a Dropbox or iCloud account