B-Roll Shot List by Izzy Hyman Free Download

Planning is key to successful shooting.

Izzy Hyman writes "Most videos need a lot of B-roll. They help us cover edits, and they add variety. As a shooter, you might find that you sometimes struggle to come up with ideas for B-roll.

This B-roll list can help you unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes and notice the details around you. Get more B-roll with ideas like the ones in the list below. I counted 113 sample B-roll ideas, separated into 31 categories.

First, a few things to keep in mind…

  • The average length of each clip in the final edit is usually about 3 seconds.
  • If you're making a two minute video, you might need 40 shots in the edit (120 seconds), so you need plenty more than 40 shots to provide editing choices later.
  • A video that's nothing but B-roll is actually just a video montage…which can be pretty, but it tends to lack a story. Make sure you already have great A-roll."

Here is link to Izzy's B-roll list.

Izzy Hyman says he is obsessed with video. You can connect with him at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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