Isis Using Hollywood Film Techniques in "Flames of War"

Beheading videos almost like scripted reality shows

Jamie Dettmer of the TheDailyBeast interviewed Margaret Bruder, who teaches at Western Kentucky University.

"...the film echoes at times Nazi propaganda, especially the work of Leni Riefenstahl, the director of Olympia and Triumph of the Will, which also employed unusual camera angles, abrupt transitions and extreme close-ups.

'Their beheading videos are very different from ones ordinary ISIS members are posting online. …They are almost like scripted reality shows.'

'It has been produced by someone who is in love with Final Cut Pro,' an editing software.

'In The Flames of War there is heavy use of slow motion and image manipulation to glorify the fighters and make their deaths aesthetically pleasing,' says Bruder."

See the link below to Dettmer's article to see Bruder's comments in full, and to the trailer and full version of The Flames of War.

ISIS VIDEO - Flames of War Trailer