The Epic Guide Tutorials for Shooting Video Using FiLMiC Pro-14 Lessons

Eliot Fitzroy of Epic Tutorials has produced a multi-part series on using every aspect of FiLMiC Pro. There is a $9.99 cost for FiLMiC Pro

Episode 1: The basics of setting your white balance, focus and exposure — and how to record video using Filmic Pro on iOS and Android.

Episode 2: How to access a range of powerful features by using Filmic Pro's Action Slider, which gives you access to manual audio levels, framing guides, image stabilization, constant lightning using your devices torch, and advanced zoom controls.

Episode 3: How to use Filmic Pro's advanced manual control for White Balance, Focus and Exposure, to ensure perfect results for every single shot.

Episode 4: How to automate changes in focus, white balance and exposure using this app's Point-to-Pull feature, in combination with the Variable Speed Slider.

Episode 5: How to use Filmic Pro's Advanced Zoom Controls to set the speed of your zoom, as well as how to set automation points to smoothly zoom to three predefined zoom points.

Episode 6: How to capture Vertical Video in FiLMiC Pro on iOS and Android and still access this app's range of manual controls for complete control over white balance, focus and exposure.

Episode 7: How to configure your recording resolution (up to 4k on supported devices), encoding bitrate and aspect ratio.

Episode 8: How to use the FrameRate menu to achieve a range of frame rates for PAL, NTSC, Cinematic capture at 24fps, as well as the ability to achieve fast and slow motion effects.

Episode 9: How to use FiLMiC Pro's TimeLapse Mode to create timelapse videos by choosing your capture interval and playback frame rate on iOS & Android

Episode 10: Configuring Audio Settings in Filmic Pro

Episode 11: Device Settings (Stitch Record, Snap Focus)

Episode 12: Saving Custom Shooting Presets in Filmic Pro

Episode 13: Accessory Support using Hardware Settings in FilmicPro (Moondog Anamorphic & Lens Adaptors

Episode 14: The Filmic Library-managing, sharing and color grading clips

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