The Rhythm of Editing-An Analysis of Whiplash by Robert Knook

Synergy between camera, music and editing

Robert Knook is a student at IE Business School and the Creator of Robigo.TV. In this video, he analyzes the editing of the 2014 movie Whiplash, for which Tom Cross won an Academy Award for Achievement in Editing.

Knook shows examples of The Rule of Six (how to follow the emotion of the moment), the Rule of Three (how to create a "Lean Forward Moment'). How do editing styles (traditional/slow to rhythm/action) change within a movie? Slow cuts and steady camera to quick cuts and shaking camera.

Backstage after accepting his Oscar, reports "Cross said that Whiplash director Damien Chazelle wanted the music rehearsal and performance scenes to be like 'boxing scenes from Raging Bull.' He added that Chazelle always saw the film as an 'editor's showcase' with suspense, tension and manic energy. But, Cross added, the director asked for a much different pace in personal scenes."

Knook shows examples from the film along with commentary on the techniques used by Cross.