Vertical Video vs. Horizontal Video: It Depends

As we watch more video on our mobile devices, our perspective changes. The New York Times created separate desktop and mobile versions of a video about a Justin Bieber pop song. When accessed from a desktop computer the video plays horizontally, but on mobile devices it plays vertically.

The RJI Futures Lab's Katie Mersmann reported on the State of Vertical Video in December, 2015. She also created a companion piece about how she created her report in the vertical format.

Michael Zhang writes on PetaPixal that "Director Jean-Charles Granjon recently decided to try his hand at turning vertical video from an annoyance into a cinematic experience. His short film titled Impact, embraces the orientation in order to capture the 'mental journey' of a high diver jumping off a cliff."

Joe Avella of Business Insider brings some humor to the debate over portrait vs. landscape. The Mona Lisa seems to work vertically. Same for books. Where will creativity take us?